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Wrong Notions of Relationships that singles have.

Lots of relationships today are short lived because singles do not have correct mindset about relationship. If a person’s mindset is wrong, no conditions will ever be favorable for a lasting relationship. Below are seven wrong mindsets that people have today.

1. There is a Mr. or Miss Right for everyone

There is nothing like Mr. Right or Miss Right. What we call the right person is simply the person with whom we feel we are compatible. The thought that there is a right person tends to make singles put the success of a relationship on the incoming partner. Anybody can be your Mr. Right if both of you will only work on being a Right partner.It all depends on the amount of work you both put in to make the relationship work.

2. Relationship is about love

Relationship is more than a feeling,it is a decision. Feelings are temporal,they can vanish at any point in time. At such times, it is the decision to love your partner regardless that counts. And that decision has to be reinforced each day.This is the truth most couples stay together for so long.

3. A perfect relationship does not have problems

Nothing good comes easy.If you are having problems with your relationship, then you should be happy that you both are being real and there is no pretense. This enables the two of you to work on accommodating your differences. If you always quit relationships because of problems, you will most likely opt for divorce in future.

4. You can start a relationship anytime you have the feeling

It is better you do not rush in to any relationship if you want something that would last. We use approximately 15 years of our lives in school to prepare us to earn income. We spend weeks and months preparing for competitions. Shouldn’t you take some time to prepare yourself for a relationship? A relationship is more than what you should jump in to.Its a very huge part of your life, don’t ever take it as a joke.

5. Your potential partner should be able to satisfy your needs

Even though it is important that needs of both parties are met, if your desire is to primarily get someone to meet your needs, you are not ready for a relationship. The important question is, what value can you add to your partner? Relationships that last have the partners looking out first for each other rather than themselves. It’s called selflessness.Being ready to workout what makes the relationship healthy should be paramount to you.

6. Expecting a relationship to lead to marriage

While it is a good aim that relationships should lead to marriage, it is not always so. Having that mindset will put unnecessary pressure on you during dating and make you do things out of desperation. And you know one thing about desperation? It never ends well. Hope your relationship lead to marriage but don’t try to force it. ladies i understand that menopause is knocking but force and desperation will not solve the problem just allow the wify material in you to reflect and hope it leads to marriage.

7. Everybody is doing it.

A lot of singles have ventured in to relationships because everyone seemed to be doing it. They do so because they could not handle the pressure of being different. Hasty move in to a relationship will make you prone to speedy break up. Do not let anyone rush you. If you are not ready yet, take your time. Life is not necessarily about who did it first but about who did it well.

Wrong Notions of Relationships that singles have.
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