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Tristan Thompson’s ALLEGED Side Chick Claims That She’s ALSO PREGNANT!!

A woman claiming to be Khloe Kardashian’s fiance’s side chick says that she’s pregnant now, too. And the woman, who goes by the Instagram handle @ms.stephanie_ has more tea to spill as well.

She has recently leaked alleged raunchy text messages she claims are from the NBA All-Star Thompson in which Tristan says ‘I would pull ya hair and kiss you than rip ya clothes off’.

The woman also posted a s3x tape that she alleges shows her and Tristan Thompson in the act of making love. For legal reasons, we can’t post the tape. We’ve also heard that the tape was purchased and destroyed so that it wouldn’t get out.

The video and messages were posted by @ms.stephaniee_ on Tuesday night before she made her Instagram account private.

It comes right as surveillance video recorded on October 7, 2017 at a hookah lounge near Washington D.C. emerged, showing the NBA player getting up close and personal with three beautiful women.

One of those beauties looks remarkably similar to Stephanie.


All of this comes as reports say Khloe Kardashian, Thompson’s fiance, is having contractions and is close to giving birth to a baby girl very soon. Khloe has been trapped in Cleveland and desperately wants to escape, according to multiple reports as well. She just isn’t fit to travel right now because of the imminent delivery.

Tristan has been accused of cheating in the past, before he was with Khloe. It seems he hasn’t grown out of his playboy ways.

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