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I Was Rap£d As A Child By Woman- 50 Cent



Newly uncovered lyrics to a 50 Cent song suggest that he was s*xually assaulted as a child by an adult woman. The lyrics were from a song entitled The Days Went By.

The rapper released the track back in 2009 – and while it received little fanfare -the album Before I Self Destruct was one of 50s most successful albums.

The lyrics to The Days Went By started going viral yesterday, and now has people talking about the track. In the song, 50 dedicated a couple of bars to the traumatic childhood incident.

According to 50 Cent, the rapper was just 12 years old and his assailant was a 20 year old woman.


According to 50, he wasn’t even aware that he was being “rap£d.” And that one of his friends helped him to understand what had happened.

Here are the lyrics:

Keep f*cking with me you going turn me back to Boo-Boo

Have me casing out your crib, trying to pop your f*cking noodles

She was 20, I was 12, man my Nana said she r*ped me I just smiled from ear to ear, saying take me, baby, take me

Since high school, *****, I ain’t got no friends

Got two 380s like the Ying Yang Twins (Haaan)

That’s spot clicking till the Ds run in

50 Cent lived a violent life, throughout his teenage years and into his 20s. It wasn’t until he found success in music and entertainment, that he stopped engaging in senseless violence.

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