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Meet the guy that allows his girlfriend sleep with other men.


The couple who have been dating since April 2015, are in one of the most controversial open relationship ever.

Adam, allows his girlfriend to sleep with other guys because he doesn’t want to lose her. This decision was influenced by Beatrice’s threat to leave; because she was unable to resist other men.

“I love Adam, but I wasn’t ready to settle down and commit to just one man.
“I said I had to break up with him so that I wasn’t unfaithful. I didn’t want to hurt him by going behind his back with someone else.
“He was devastated and suggested we stay together but I could sleep with other people, as long as I told him who and when.

” It’s the perfect situation. I have a boyfriend I love but I also get to have fun with other men when I want to.
“Some people might think I’m having my cake and eating it but we are happy and we’re not causing anyone any harm.”
UK Sun reports that though she was given the freedom to cheat because of her threat, she doesn’t feel guilty about it.
“I don’t feel guilty as we both agreed to our open relationship. I know it must be difficult for him but it’s the only way we could be together.
“The morning I see him after a night out I do sometimes feel a bit bad, but after a cuddle and a chat it’s just us being ­normal in our usual relationship.
Here’s what Adam, a warehouse worker, has to say about his relationship;
“I really like Beatrice and I didn’t want to lose her. I’m happy for her to enjoy herself.
“We decided this is the best way to take the relationship forward so I have become used to it. I’m not really interested in chasing other women and I know if I did then Beatrice wouldn’t be happy about it.
“I want to keep her in my life and if it takes allowing her this freedom with other men then so be it.
“I did feel jealous to begin with, especially after the first time. I still feel a pang of ­jealousy when she mentions what she has been up to, but I keep it inside. I’ve learnt to deal with my feelings about it.”
And ladies will still be saying “men are scum” o, issokay.
Meet the guy that allows his girlfriend sleep with other men.
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