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Joro Olumofin : Diary & Struggles Of A Decent Girl

From the desk of Joro Olumofin.

Juxtaposition of Cognition I.e I put myself in the mind and shoes of a Decent Girl )

Hi, my name is “X” I’m a Decent Girl but I’m having so much trouble getting a guy, it is so hard for me, I have to look in the mirror to see if there’s a problem somewhere. I feel the runs Girls have taken over.

Let me tell you about myself

 I have less than 500 followers on IG with a minimum of 30 likes , 18 views for videos, 3 comments from colleagues, sister and cousins. .

No guy drops Provocative or Dashing comments on my page ( No Slay Queen, Osee Baddest, , , Pepper them) .

  I don’t post twerking videos ( i don’t even know how to twerk) .

 I attend church frequently.

Since I joined IG only 3 guys have jumped in my DM. 2 were my former neighbors and 1 guy who mistook me for someone else .

  I am celibate, a V!rg!n or won’t let you get down in 5 months .

 Anytime I tell guys I’m celibate or a V!rg!n they look at me like they want to beat me up .

 I attended 4 weddings in 2016 and I got only 2 numbers, the guys I met when I told them I was a V!rg!n or I had a no S3@.x:’ in 5 months dating policy they didn’t call me after .

 My makeup is decent, not pancakes and pinocchio contour .

  I don’t like to expose my body when I go out I believe beauty is from within. I don’t do long slits or expose my B@.0bs

 I don’t really go to the club, work doesn’t let me and my parents are strict. My TGIF is my laptop and Game of Thrones or Designated Survivor .

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