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Health Challenges associated with the 5G network

It is no news that the next cellular technology for the next generation os smartphones is 5G. Here and there, we have been seeing some articles triggering us about the possible health challenges associated with the 5G network. How worried should you be about the coming 5G healthpocalypse?

Once you open your Facebook, you must have seen many articles discussing this. What exactly are the health challenges associated with the 5G network? It sounds quite alarming, but let’s take a look at it with the help of science.


What is 5G?

In our previous blog post, we explained what the 5G network is. 5G has been the trending topic for a while now. We have seen significant about the network. What exactly does it entail? You can read about that here – ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT 5G

This year, mobile networks the process of rolling out the new wireless standard. Mobile networks like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have all started in the first half of the year.

NB – Please note that 5G does not cause coronavirus. There has been a lot of research to come to this conclusion. Please disregard any content that suggests otherwise.


Health Concerns about the 5G network

The primary concern about this network is the millimetre-wave technology. 5G uses this to enable super speed to peak at about 10-20gb/s. There is currently no research to suggest how dangerous this could be. So, we should be a little concerned about it.

Another concern is that the millimetre waves can not travel a long distance. So, they will be nearer to homes, schools etc. There is a fear that there will be more access points, which will lead to exposure to radiation, much more than 4G. Many people fear about this and are very concerned.

Here is why you might not need to worry

If you search on Google with the phrase “Is 5G dangerous”, you will find a bunch of articles. Some are convincing and usually backed up with some scientific theory. About nine years ago, the World Health Organisation categorised cell phones as carcinogenic.

If radiation from our cell phones is considered a safe level, should we still be concerned about the radiation and exposure everywhere else? Aeroplanes, microwaves, and X-rays also emit radiation, are they too much? There has been a debate about whether electromagnetic radiation can hurt humans or not. The discussion remains contentious. Research, on both sides, is inconclusive because it depends on self-reporting; and since it’s a new field of study, this is limited.

Possible Outcome

You need not worry about the 5G. Well, if you are still worried, you can do a lot to reduce the radiation. There are some steps which you may take. These steps include going handsfree or just disconnecting your device from 5G. It is that simple. If you think about about it, do you need the 5G? I am sure you do, you are doing most of your research on your phone or tablets.

Take a step back, focus on your time outside and connect more offline. Meet with your friends and enjoy one another’s company. The truth is the 5G is not going anywhere, and technology will continuously evolve. Taking your time off the worries or thought-provoking articles about 5G can do a lot of help right now.

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