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Don’t Let A Man Living In A Cold Country Advise You Where To By A Coat In A Desert – Ray Hushpuppi

Hushpuppi has taken to his social media page to reveal that he was mocked by many people when he started using Instagram but is now known globally.

The Instagram influencer shared some motivational talk while going down memory lane to when he started using the platform. He wrote;

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I remember back in the days when we all started using Instagram, a lot of people threw shots at you for doing what you like, guess what? Those who were deaf to the negativity are what we call influencers today! SUCCESS , now has the shameless shouting , “I am a huge fan”. Today, so many brands cater and care about me, they treat me well and the benefits I get from them are huge! I have built my name into a brand known across the world, which has opened many doors for me in several aspects of life including financially! I am proud that I wasn’t discouraged by the nay sayers (mostly the ones from where I’m from who never want to see their own people shine)! I appreciate all those who have never stopped showing me love!

Really the moral of my story is, you have to believe in your dream more than anyone else! People will discourage you and mostly it’s not what you’re doing that they don’t like, what makes them uncomfortable is why YOU! Know your WHY, focus on it! Hear what they say but don’t listen! People advise you according to the season in their lives! Don’t let a man living in a cold country advise you where to by a coat in a desert! They judge you according to their ability, not yours! Most people these days are hypocrites, if they tell you that you can’t do it or u don’t do it well, don’t listen, they are only trying to break you so u can lose your spot then they later mock you for losing your spot. Stay glued to your dream, Don’t let them talk you into losing your spot, their only weapon is talk and their only achievement remains TALK.

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