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Dear diary,

It had been so long like yoooooo. Apparently Nigerian schools can not be trusted, anyhow it’s all good, me that I like my house more than anything, I sha enjoyed myself so I am not complaining.


Freshers, awon Freshmen how far na? So sorry for coming late jare. The weather caused a delay in my flight from the UK but I’m here now and that is all that matters. I know that you must have had a truckload of dos and don’ts within the past 4 weeks from all corners of the school, adding mine will just be  overdo but I will try to be as different as possible.


My experience as a fresher was in both ways wack and cool. I started off my session being as awkward as possible with my baggy boot-cut jeans, one friend and my misplaced knowledge of being mama know-it-all. First semester was terrible, I narrowly escaped failure due to my TDB struggles and the increased amount of helpful friends I had.Bottom line is; this is university, a whole different ball game entirely. Forget whether you were at the top of your class; Baba, Mama; university will humble you if you form I too know.

Embrace your uniqueness, enjoy your awkward phase and sort out your friends. At this stage, everyone is trying to attach to someone who likes they have it all sorted out forgetting that your head is also not that empty.  Make friends particularly with stallites who can help you, band with your mates also, it helps to have allies.


Keep up with me. Second semester I came back with beautiful straight jeans, long braid and a new found determination to take the school system head on. It was beautiful. Point is, don’t wait until second semester before you are determined. You might not be so lucky to have a chance. Plan yourself, don’t cower in fear, any scary images conjured are just in your mind. Know what you want and be prepared to work for it.


While trying to be serious, I can never overemphasize the importance of chilling out. Take time to relax, hangout with your friends, take yourself out, join organizations( press, JCI). Write scholarship exams, it is easiest at this point.  Overall be strong.


Stallites, how market na? Have you started reading or una still dey window shop? Face your books o! I know for some people, your last session’s result might have scared you particularly the fresh stallites but you go dey alright. I am not talking too much, you’re old now but my own advice to you is to “Shoot your shots”. Not in the relationship way alone but in every aspect. There’s a sport you’re interested in, take a step! You want to join something, go ahead! Well even if it is one aunty or bobo that is scattering your head, walk up to them and talk! Just don’t leave this session the same way you entered. Enjoy the new-old session, stay sane.


I am a Nigerian Undergraduate and this is my story.



Yours sincerely,


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Olanike

    May 23, 2018 at 8:06 pm

    The writer attempts to write about both freshers and staylites based on her own experience. Really nice ?

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