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Dame Dash claims Jay Z is a PEDOPHILE, drags him for dating Foxy Brown when she was 16.



Dame Dash is making news – by suggesting that Shawn “Jay Z” Carter dated Foxy Brown when she was underage.

The explosive allegation came out during an interview that Nick Cannon did on Dame Dash.

During the interview, the two men talk about Foxy Brown’s age, when she was signed to Rocafella. Nick Cannon claimed that Foxy was 16 years old at the time, and underage.

Dame Dash immediately got nervous when Nick asked the question – he became loud and abrasive.

“Why are you asking me about that. You should ask Jay ,” Dame told Nick Cannon.

You’ll recall that in the Jay Z diss track ether, Nas claimed that Jay Z and Foxy had a s*xual relationship together. Nas rapped:

Foxy got you hot ’cause you kept your face in her p*ss
What you think, you gettin’ girls now ’cause of your looks?

According to Wikipedia, Foxy Brown was 17 years old when she was signed to Def Jam, and recorded her hit song ‘Ain’t No N*gga’ with Jay Z.

In New York, where Jay Z and Foxy both lived, the age of consent is 17 years old. It’s not illegal for a man to “date” an underage girl in NY, but it is illegal to have any s*xual contact with her.

Here is the link to the interview:

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