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Cardi WITHHELD P*SSY From Offset Until He Got Nicki’s VERSE CHANGED On Motorsport!! (Receipts)

Cardi B has been HACKED – and hackers leaked text messages that she sent out to her fiance Offset. And the hacked text messages reveal some DAMAGING information about Cardi – painting her as A HATER!!!

In the texts, Cardi told her man OFFSET to have Nicki’s verse on Motorsport EDITED. Cardi told Offset “I don’t want people thinking my man is a ducking trader [sic].” Offset told Cardi that he would make “that hoe [Nicki] take your name out of [the Motorsport verse] or it’s a dub.”

And Cardi was prepared to do whatever it took to get Nicki’s verse edited on Motorsport. When Offset told her that he couldn’t get Nicki’s verse changed, she MANIPULATED her Migos boyfriend – by withholding s3x . Here’s there exchange:

Cardi: This whole week I’ve been wanting to f*ck you, kiss you. I’m so disgusted I don’t want to be touched

Offset: OK. Well I need some p*ssy

Cardi: It’s real I need my distance.

Offset: F*ck a song. I love you. I can’t see that [being] reason blowing you


After this conersation, Offset went to Migos partners Quavo and Takeoff and FORCED them to make Nicki change her verse – to remove the singing and Cardi’s name.

Then Cardi threatened to PULL UP on Nicki. She told Offset “I will never work with that b*tch [Nicki] I’ll beat her ass.”

Here are the text messages:


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