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‘I Feel Like My Life Is Over!’—Kendall Jenner On Pepsi Advert

The supermodel has kept mum for quite some time about the controversy that followed her Pepsi commercial earlier this year. After the reality star chose not to publicly address the backlash back in April.

In a promo clip, the 21-year-old is seen talking to her oldest sister, Kim Kardashian West, about the situation. Jenner tells her, “It feels like my life is over!” Kardashian, 36, who has previously spoken out about the situation, tells her: “You made a mistake!”

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kardashian said she urged her younger sister to break her silence on the issue to make things right.

“I see her at home crying, but in the media she looks another way because she’s not addressing it. The team and everyone’s telling her not to, and I’m just like, ‘This is wrong. You need to speak up,’” she told the magazine. “She was like, ‘I don’t ever want to show that footage of me crying.’ She was trying to not make excuses or be dramatic, but that was what she was going through at the time.”

In the commercial, Jenner is seen leaving a photo shoot to stop a political protest by handing a cop a can of Pepsi. The clip received massive amounts of backlash from viewers who felt like it was making light of police brutality and trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement in order to sell sodas.

Pepsi pulled the protest-themed ad the day after its debut, releasing a statement saying: “Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly, we missed the mark, and we apologize. We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are pulling the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position.”

‘I Feel Like My Life Is Over!’—Kendall Jenner On Pepsi Advert
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