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Diary of a Nigerian Undergraduate. – Episode 3

Dear diary,

I am stumped, wiped out, thrashed, anyway you would like to put it. In short, I am beat. Why am I always tired you ask, excellent question. I will give you a clue (whispers) “School” shush, don’t tell anyone.



So, in my last entry I talked about how I should be extra, taking up challenges and all. It is easier said than done I tell you. In my struggle to be extra, I followed my friends to play tennis. Christ! No wonder Serena Williams has yam everywhere, you will run for Africa. By the time I was done, I had lost so much; weight, breath, probably even dropped a few of my cells.


I do not seem to remember the point I was trying to make, Oh! I remember. Basically, the University deemed it fit to disband the Student Union in the heat of what they describe as a “disrespectful movement”. I commend their quick action but haven’t we been stationary enough. Students are being subjected to various treatments, especially from those who should protect us. We are left at the mercy of those who think they have the power to do and undo. I am not so sure it gets better but I am so sure that it would get worse.



Not many people understand the fact that dissolving the student union is not just a physical action with mere physical consequences but it runs much deeper affecting our psyche. We claim to raise youths who will lead Nigeria to glory. How can they lead if they are being pulled down at the very beginning? Although, we are not the only Federal University without a Student Union, our neighbor UNILAG seems to be doing much better without theirs.



To the order of the day, my week was a little abnormal, well my Tuesday was at least. Oh! lest I forget, this week made it a year that University of Ibadan Student Union was disbanded, let us respectfully observe a minute’s worth of silence.



Now that that’s over, I proceed.  At about five  in the morning on 29th May 2018, my room’s door was hit heavily, guess who? Abefele. What a way it was to mark our (insert air quotes) democracy day. I shall not delve into my experience because after that, it became boring. I really don’t know if the problem is with our Student Union or the University itself.



(Coughs, dusting cobwebs away) I am trying to clear the air , seems too choked up with emotions. Tests are knocking, exams are winking, time has gone. Buckle up, sit tight because the semester is about to get turbulent. I am a Nigerian Undergraduate and this is my story.

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Yours sincerely,


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