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Diary of a Nigerian Undergraduate.~ Episode 2

Dear diary,

I recently had my birthday and not to lie I did not like it one bit. Not to seem ungrateful, but it felt like I was getting older without any specific growth. A wise man once told me that; it doesn’t matter what I think I have not yet achieved, all that matters is remembering the things I have done and being grateful for how far I have come. I felt greatly better. It has just been three weeks and it already feels like the whole world is preparing to come down on my head.  


Anyways, now to the order of the day, this week felt looooong  with classes occupying most parts of my days. By Friday, I was eating when my amebo receptors started tingling. To set the scenario, this man brings bags of pure water for the woman selling food and requested for food too. After much back and forth, he was served and while he was eating, he made jokes about how comfortable the environment was. He then said that if he knew enjoyment was this good, he would have stayed in school. At that point, I had lost interest in their conversation until he said he was a 2001 Alumnus of Geology department. The shock had my hand plus the morsel of fufu suspended in the air.  He ended with the fact that his lack of profitable growth was his village people’s fault. For a long while I was dumbfounded and wondered what fate was going to be.

Basically, this is like the giant elephant dwelling heavily on everyone’s minds, like seriously what does life hold for us after school. Many of us are privileged (ajebo for short) and live in the bubble of after school, cool job, have crazy money, travel, yen yen yen.  My bubble got burst during IT when I struggled to get placement for like a month out of the proposed three months slated. That was the point I knew life was not beans. I resumed school this session with new resolutions. First, to be an excellent student. I know it sounds like a load of nonsense but most of us just go through school like it should just do and finish. Being excellent means loving whatever you’re studying and being as extra at it as possible. Not just doing half baked works and expecting a decorated cake at the end.


I think the time has come for our village people sef to rest, what is it gan? Not saying that man was the cause of whatever is going wrong with him but some of us sef that do not know our villages, attribute every small and mighty failure to the followers from your village. Learn to take responsibility for the mistakes you make. If our successes are ours, why can’t our failures be? Do extra work, ask questions, be the best you can be regardless of what others are saying about your course. Secondly, I promised to be extraordinary. That means I plan on breaking barriers, stepping outside my comfort zone, thinking outside the box, learning new skills, developing me, exploring life and all the opportunities it has to offer and taking them as they come. I do not plan on being stagnant or stale, life is much more beyond passing school alone.


Stay woke!


Mid-semester is gradually drawing closer, Freshers, una don dey read? Start o, if not exams and tests will just jam you. My courses are beginning to rain cats and dogs. Ama come out victorious. Stay sane. I Am A Nigerian Undergraduate and this is my story.

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                                Yours sincerely,

                                                           The_Aduke .     

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